Hollow Dragon Dice

The intricately detailed design of stunningly beautiful ancient dragons embedded within hollow metal to give these die a majestic and thrilling look.

The cool metallic dragon exudes a power from deep inside its core that will really catch people’s eyes when you pull them out.

Blood SpLattered DICE

An incredibly detailed design with blood splattered on stunning ancient dragon silver scales giving them a beautiful yet chilling look.

Masterfully crafted to give you a real sense of a morbid DnD campaign, you’ll be sure to power up your heroes, instill terror in your foes, and impress your friends.


Hand-crafted for RPG gaming, the inner soft-lined velvet with noise reduction technology feels and sounds like you’re rolling on a casino game table. The main arena has plenty of roll room and is surrounded by high walls so you won’t have to worry about dice bouncing out on to the floor and getting scuffed. It also protects your table from any heavy metal dice damage.

Total storage including the inner-area is around 125 regular dice. Keep your favorites visible and within reach, without having to dig through a dice bag. The lid is secure and felt lined making it perfect for dice transport and storage after a game.

The tray lid also serves as a second D&D dice tray itself making it a 2-in-1!

Soar Forge lets you roll the dice to forge your own fate. We create premium DnD and board game accessories for discerning player’s that want to power up their game and style!