Promotion Dice Sets

Here are the current promotion dice set options we have available. It changes frequently based on availability and other factors.

If you have any questions please contact is at contact@soarforge.com and someone will get back to you ASAP.

1. Ocean Moss

Aquamarine dice that are clear and beautiful. Features black moss preserved perfectly inside turquoise tinted resin.

1. Smoke Swirl

Transparent Black and White Smoke Swirl Effect Acrylic Dice Set finished with gold ink numbers. 

1. Silver Blood Splattered Dice

Blood-Spattered Metal DND Dice – feel the sense of a real morbid DND campaign adventure with the beautiful yet chilling dragon scales. Put fear and envy into all who dare to oppose you.

2. Gold skull

Unique golden skull encased in textured Resin dice finished with gold ink numbers. 

4. Blue Cloudy Swirl

Swirls of blue, white and purple, this  dice set is classic and appealing. Painted with white numbers for easy reading.

3. Green Moss

Green Moss & Blue Shell Powder in textured resin, finished with silver ink numbers. 

5. Blue Gold Foil

Translucent Blue resin dice encasing glittering gold foil and finished with silver ink numbers. – Only 1 left.